Monday, March 3, 2014

Smile Like You Mean It

I have a co-worker who would not have the word "tact" used to describe her on any planet, ever. Well, maybe on Pluto, since I hear he's a little angry anyway, and probably thinks highly of people who say things like, "oh my, what are you wearing little miss?" and "oh my, did you color your hair that shade on purpose?"

Today the statement was, "oh my, you smile like Goldie Hawn!" Now, on the surface that might seem like a compliment if you think of Goldie circa "Overboard." But. I know better. Anytime I hear those two hateful words, "oh my," there is not a compliment involved. And how do I know that we aren't talking about Goldie in her golden days of yesteryear? Because this was her on the Oscar's last night, as another co-worker so lovingly pointed out via e-mail when I told her about the Goldie-smile-comment:

Oh my, indeed.

No offense to Goldie! I don't even know her! My point is not to make fun of her, but myself, so hang in there with me to the end of this post.

That picture prompted me to send this picture back to my co-worker with the caption "I didn't know I had so many celebrity look a likes:"

And much cackling ensued, until I realized that last night this picture was taken of me:

Goldie Hawn - 1, Toothless - 1, Snarky Co-worker -1, Anna - 0.


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